Jim Guido’s Experience, Education, and Credentials

Now with eXp Realty, the agent owned cloud based real estate company  Jim brings 40 years as a Real Estate Broker, more experience, more education, and more credentials to help make your real estate transactions as smooth as possible. His attention to detail, his high ethical standards, and his knowledge of real estate law assure you of the finest and most professional outcome for all your real estate needs.

Jim is your complete package whether you are buying, selling, or need important and detailed guidance and information. Couple that training with 10 years of title experience and 7 years of lending experience hanks and all your needs are professionally addressed.

Contact Jim today to see how he may help you, your family, or your friends with any real estate needs. Feel confident in introducing Jim to anyone who is looking to buy or sell. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference a true real professional can make to those who need help.

You have a friend in the real estate business!


One thought on “Jim Guido’s Experience, Education, and Credentials

  1. With Mr. Jim Guido’s help, moving 800 miles to a new home was a great experience.

    I was leaving a home I had been living in for 40 years. Moving that far away was a bit scary. I contacted Mr. Guido for assistance in obtaining a new home.

    He was on it in a heart-beat. His experience, real estate knowledge, and dedication to my needs kicked in. After telling him my parameters he found the perfect home for me within 2 days! I was not the only one that wanted the house. Mr. Guido had several conversations with the other broker and convinced him I was the best choice.

    I am now living in my fabulous comfortable home, happier than ever. Moving was not so frightening, after all.


    I am so very very grateful to Mr. Guido. He helped me make a dream come true!

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