Buyers and Sellers Take Note: What is a ……..

Short Sale Expert?

Short Sale Professional?

Short Sale Specialist?

Those are all the terms that Realtor’s who work the short sale market use to describe themselves. The problem is that they are all self-awarded terms. None of those descriptions are EARNED.

There is only one certification that IS EARNED and awarded and that is the SFR certification from the National Association of Realtors.

So if you are an agent who is representing yourself as a Short Sale Expert, Professional, or Specialist then you are misleading the public. You might be really good BUT you haven’t earned the right to call yourself any of the above.

Part of the problem is that NAR has literally done NOTHING to promote the certifications and designations even though you may have many of both. Have you ever seen an NAR ad or commercial that promotes those designations and certifications? I sure haven’t. And its time that NAR gives us the credit for earning those so the public knows the difference.

So go out and earn your SFR Certification and you will have the right to call yourself a Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource.

In the meantime I will be challenging NAR to make this clear to all buyers and sellers. 


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