It’s a GREAT time to buy or sell.

Many buyers and sellers are reluctant to sell or buy. With interest rates as low as 4% investors are buying up lots of available properties. If the “pros” are buying there must be a good reason.

And there is.

Many sellers are concerned that they will not get as much as they want if they sell their home in today’s market. However they should realize that what ever they lose on the sale will more than likely be made up on the purchase as the seller of their next home is also not selling for as much as they had hoped.

So step one is to see a lender before doing anything else. Once you are pre-qualified then it’s time for us to develop a game plan to get you the best sales price possible for your home in today’s market and negotiate a great price with the seller of your next home.

Don’t wait; you’ll be late!
You’ve got a friend in the Real Estate Business.

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